July (cold) fever!

August 13, 2011

progress is slow, can i blame the cooooold wether? perhaps a little then. But i ask you then, how do people in England work on their cars? firstly they probably have to work in rain EVERY time they attempt to go near their cars and with space being in high demand they probably have to carry out their work outdoors and some even on the roadsides near where they live.
so since i have a massive set of carports and garages, a climate that is rain free for 8 months of the year with just a little coolness during the early mornings and nighttimes i believe i have no real excuse as to why i have been slow to progress on my Imp for the trip to Coventry.

i recently heard of a few South African girls will be driving an ambulance from London to Mongolia as part of the Mongol Rally, god speed girls!


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