Some movement at last!

February 12, 2012

Finally I have managed to get a tiny bit of momentum into the preparations of our Jolon Imp.

Suspensions sandblasted and nicely painted. The interior cleaned up and readied for painting. Exterior bodywork also a work now well in progress. And what’s exciting for me is the fact that through Johan’s teaching I am learning how to panel beat, body fill and also to spray paint. It’s hot ahd hard work but I’m lovin it and I DON’T EAT MCDONALDS!!!

I am still needing some good sponsor to assist us in some finance for the trip!!!


  1. Terence,

    Nice to see the new adventure taking place, i can do regular updates on my Imp blog if you want?

    DO NOT USE DRIVE COUPLERS WITH THE LETTERS ‘ SUK’ on them, they will fail in a very short time.


    Roy McBride

    • Hey Roy, thanks for the heads up on the doughnuts. i will be grateful for any advice you can give me in preparation for the trip. i would dearly like to have info on the best way from Egypt to Europe!
      Can one travel from Egypt to Jordan without getting Israel stamped on our passports?

      And yeah, please add updates on your Imp Blog.

      Thanks Roy and a\say Hi to Eric.

      By the way, I managed to pillage a 2nd in class in the Historic Touring Car championship last year with my bog standard 1963 Imp!


      • Hello Terence,

        Thanks on the reply and well done on that second place, please send the info to Graham at Impressions Magazine. We have seen you racing at least three times on TV also.

        The HBYC has a member who did a similar route to Holland about a year back but in 4×4 Landrovers, the route he took is not known to me but I will contact him and get his web site address and contact numbers, his name is Jendo.

        Your being on my blog is already seeing a lot of interest on the view counter, I need news and new pictures please!



        Hout Bay

  2. Terence,

    Some ideas I have been thinking on.

    Brakes, they will be fine as drum brakes, maybe move the fluid containers in a bit for security in case of a bump with hard object?

    Cooling, I thought about a front radiator, then went off that idea, takes too much storage space in front and the pipes under the car will not survive, inside they will cook you both.

    The radiator core should be new, it will accept one more row I am told? make sure the two mount plates are well soldered, the same with the single one at the bottom to the body, there is another one that takes the export model stone guard.

    Radiator Stone guard, you need that in place, I have one, let me know if you want a picture?

    Drive shafts, the sports one inch type would be good, I have none here, the Minis shafts have the same hub splines,only machine is UK at the time they say? Impressions carried a story on this a few months back but always use the rubber coupler on the transaxle spiders, the box will fail otherwise?

    Air intake, will you use the single Solex, if so you can install the export air intake pipes from the front of the car to the back. I have a complete set here and including the correct air box that takes the air filter, you can have those if required?



    021 790 3859 Cape Town

  3. News just in from a HBYC members friend who does this kind of trip.


    Hi Justin

    I’m in San Fran and on a blackberry so a bit disadvantaged.

    Happy to speak to whoever is doing this trip on skype when I return to Tenerife circa 10th April if it would help ?

    In the interim – how many spare shock absorbers can you carry in an imp -:) my landcruiser went through a few ….albeit 5 years back before the chinese tarred most of the rough roads and made them highways.

    I suspect the single biggest road challenge will be Kenya – Nairobi to Ethiopian border – that road destroys bikes cars trucks unimogs and the rest – 500km where any sympathy you have for your vehicle will be sorely tested.

    The Sudan to Egypt road (wadi halfa ) is I believe now tarred.
    (Camp at the Blue Nile yacht club in Khartoum if on a budget).
    Watch the timing issue for the Aswan ferry – its the timing bottle neck of the trip.

    General rule of thumb – where its reputed to be most dangerous will be safest and vice versa !
    Prepare to be humbled by the generosity of those who can afford it least …..

    Ramadan is a great time to travel.

    If you’re planning to circumvent Lake Victoria – Rwanda is fantastic.

    Its the trip of a lifetime and one I will do again !! Simply a life changer – god speed and good travels.

    Let me know how I can help.
    Ps Carnet slip slops and plenty of $1 bills essential 🙂

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