visa applications scare me!

April 24, 2012

cant work out how to get a visa for Sudan…. they need me to be invited by a Sudanese somebody, i know no Suds!!!

Roy, thanks for all the technical advice. regarding the rad; we have decided on the front rad with pipes in the cabin and we know it will be hot.


  1. Hello Terrence,

    Try your local Chinese embasy, they have lots of people in the Sudan, you my find a mutual Imp link that way?



    Cape Town

    http://royckdboats.blogspot.com/ This is Roys Imp blog

  2. thanks Roy, this might well be a good plan.

  3. What about a Sudan Chrysler dealer or Peugeot dealer? Maybe a classic car museum?

    • hello Franka,

      i believe i have my problem sorted, all i actually need to do is to book a hotel in advance. thanks for your advice though.

      if i have time in hand, and i hope to have time to spare, i will try to visit you on my way to coventry.

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