yay am I happy or what?

July 14, 2012

I spend the entire evening working on my JoLon Imp in preparation for my Trans Africa trip to join my Imp Club pals in England next March. My youngest son Brendan ably assisted me even though he had spent the rest of the day working on the restoration of an old MGA with the Youth Programme guys and gals.

well since I collected the car back from my travelling partner Johan, I had installed it back in its place of pride smack in the middle of my double garage set up on trestles so that we can work all around it and under it completely unimpeded. Pure luxury let me tell you.
Achieved tonight; we reinstalled the dash where the heaters and all unnecessary ancillaries were removed to reduce weight.
We also installed the indicators and headlights and we also managed to install the master cylinders.

It does not seem like a huge amount of work done but I feel much more confident now that I have the car at my place again so I can work on it every now and then when time allows.
Johan did a nice job on the bodywork as well as the green and white paint job.


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