front end taking shape

July 25, 2012

Slowly slowly the front end is being assembled. new flexi hoses have been made up, the brake cylinders serviced or replaced and the swing arms niclely painted.

Tonight i started replacing the back assembly of the front suspension. but have decided to rather get longer bolts and add a reinforcement steel bar to help us to cope with the challenging roads of the African leg of the trip.

i am now starting to get excited about the trip and also a tad concerned about the speed that time manages to fly these days.

and once i get the car safely to the Imp gathering in Coventry in May 2013 i will hand it over to Lisa Bettendorf from Germany who will drive it back to Johannesburg a year later.

so if you want to drive a south african registered car in the UK or germany just let me know and i will set ti up for you.

i am still in the hunt for a few small sponsors, so if anyone out there can help or assist with any ideas of how to go about getting a spoonsor or two please let mem know. my trip will also be raising funds and awareness for the Save the Rhino fund as well as the sight challenged people of Johannesburg and of the UK.

also who can tell me if there is a ferry that leaves Egypt and goes to Europe or even Turkey.


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