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September 15, 2012


Got the shock of my life tonight while I was attempting to fit the front swing arms to my JoLon Imp! I notice a long tear in the metal that holds the bracket that holds the front pivot of my swing arms. I am sure this would have certainly failed spectacularly somewhere in deepest darkest Africa on my journey to London if i hadn’t spotted it!

Always a positive side to every story; i am too fortunate to have found this fault so that it can be properly addressed for the trip.


Hurdle overcome!

September 14, 2012

Although the items were posted by the Imp Club Spares department in England by end July, the parcel with the important bits that i needed to continue the building of my JoLon Imp, they only arrivedImage at my local post office a couple of days ago. 

However, in am now making good progress at getting my trans Africa and Europe Chariot back on its wheels. 


tonight i finalised the arrangement of the double petrol tankd (eat your heart out Jaguar XJ6 and co. Tomowwor i will ask my good friend Bruce Pidwell to braise the origional openings in the tanks so i can fit the new filler neck. 


Delighted to have a tyre company who promised to sponsor me with tyres for my trip. 


i have decided to donate 15% of all monies donated to me to the htree charities i am supporting; The Johannesburg Society For The Blind, the R.N.I.B. of Britian and the Save the Rhino Fund. 

If any individual or company would like to contribute towards the effort the bank details are as follows: 

Account name;                 the imp share trust        

Account number;             623 680 46 308

Account type;                    current account

Bank;                                     First National Bank

Branch name;                    Cresta

Branch code;                      25 49 05

i also would like to know if anyone has reasonable photos of the road between Nairobi and Ethiopia. i believe it is no more than a hafl trach through the bush, this really scares me! not the ideal travel surface for a fifty year old British car!!!