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Streamlight solar panel neatly placed at the rear end of my JoLon Imp

February 24, 2013

Streamlight solar panel neatly placed at the rear end of my JoLon Imp

My unlikely target is to have the Streamlight Solar panel blown off my little car as i head towards London. Probably my little Imp will not attain the necessary 120 MILES PER HOUR that would be necessary to lift the glue!!!


JoLon Imp starts!

February 21, 2013

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Thanks to our generous sponsors

February 21, 2013

Wow, thanks to all who are contributing towards our upcoming charity run from Johannesburg to London.

 Individuals like Harry Lombard, Bruce Pidwell, Frank Copoing, Dennis  McBeath, Jimmy Bennett, Roy Mc Bride in Cape Town, Brian Baylis of Impwerks  in New Zealand.

Of course the generosity of the following companies is also allowing us to undertake this journey;

Pilot Software

High Fidelity

International Seafoods

Zwartkops Raceway




Arnolds on Kloof

Scrooge Diner


Cassidy Meats

Red Bull

Bandit Signs



Today I was gifted with a superb array of state of the art lighting equipment and a solar charging mat from Franco Resca of Rescomp. The magic part about these lights is the fact that they are help in place by a monster magnet, so when working on the car the lights can be positioned exactly where they are needed. Over and above the magnet that holds the lights in the perfect spot you can swivel the versatile knucklehead around to make it light up the exact spot where the most light is needed! I can see these Streamlights becoming standard equipment in operating theatres around the World in no time. Add the the magnets a handy stowable hook that can also be used to position the lamp.


As well as the powerful knuckleheads we were also given the Streamlight PROTAC HL little pocket light whick has a powerful 600 lumens light.

The Solar power soaker mat called the Streamlight Solarstream will merrily charge all our electric kit in the car as we move up through Africa and Europe. Thanks a million Franco and Streamlight.


Now I’m off to my garage to fit the Streamlight Solarstream to the engine cover of the JoLon Imp.


Incidentally, if you would like to contribute towards our voyage please feel free to pop a rand or ten into the following account and remember that 15% will be duly handed over to the Causes we are supporting namely, RNIB and Save the Rhino International. 






Account name;                                 THE IMP SHARE TRUST

Account number;             623 680 46 308

Account type;                    CURRENT ACCOUNT

Bank:                                     FNB

Branch;                                 CRESTA

Branch code;                      25 49 05


Huge thanks for any donation; even the tiniest amount will be hyper appreciated!




February 12, 2013

A massive THANK YOU to all who supported the JoLon Imp fundraising dinner and auction in January. Not only were we able to raise a sizeable bunch of money but the evening was a truly special occasion.

In the midst of a wonderful gathering of special people was the actual car that my travel buddy and I will head off to Coventry in on 17th March. The partly prepared Imp was covered from roof to undertray with goods of all shapes and sizes,      donated to the cause for auction during the dinner at Scrooge Diner.





Of course the wonderful and varied items needed two very important ingredients to turn them into a benefit on the evening; an accomplished auctioneer and of course the generosity of those who purchased the items. Well not only did Clive Winterstein run a truly professional auction but he also infused a most wonderful vein of humour and entertainment into the event. Clive I am extremely grateful for your help.

The three charities will duly receive their 15% of all monies raised and we will hand over the money to the Johannesburg Society for the blind on our departure and the donations for the Save the Rhino and the RNIB will receive their contributions when we arrive in the UK.

The piece de resistance of the  evening was a stunning depiction of the epic journey by the famous artist Gary Seitz who created an Impressionism canvass of the JoLon Imp leaving behind the Joburg skyline, passing the Pyramids of Egypt and finally heading to the London Tower Bridge and this was duly snapped up by Frank Copping.

Massive thanks to the following for their assistance so far.

Roger Pearce

Clive Winterstein

Arnolds on Kloof

Bruce Pidwell


Andre Honiwell (Fat Arnies)

John Maio

Streamlight (Franco Resca)

Bandit Signs

Dennis McBeath

Jimmy Bennett

Johan Meyers


International seafoods

Force Tools

We are still needing some funds to cover the trip so if anyone wishes to make a  donation, even a tiny sum, please pop in into the following account and remember the money will serves two very good efforts’ one the charities will receive well needed bucks and you will be shut of me for at least two months!!!

The account into which you can contribute donations or sponsorship monies for Terence’s mammoth Rhino saving and Blindness Banishing road trip.



Account number; 623 680 46 308


Bank: FNB

Branch; CRESTA

Branch code; 25 49 05


Huge thanks for any donation; even the tiniest amount will be hyper appreciated!

 We will arrange another fundrainsing event and this will be one with a difference where you stand to win R2,000 if you have any driving skills worth showing off. We will host an event at the Formula 1 simulator at the Brightwater Commons and the person who beats the best time presently posted at the Kyalami track will stand to win R2. 000 by kind courtesy of the Formula 1 team and Scrooge Diner. The event which includes an organised session on the Simulator and a prizeginign dinner at Scrooge for the small sum of R290 per person. Spot prizes and fastest lap prizes will also be up for grabs. Call  Terence to reserve your race seat and dinner spot! This will take place on Saturday 2nd March wit first laps at 18h30.


Finally we will head off on the rocky road on St. Patrick’s Day 17th March from Scrooge Diner at the sprightly hour of 06h00. we invite our friends to convoy with us on the first 50 kilos or so ( but please keep your cars or bikes in 1st gear! We wouldn’t want you overtaking us now would we???


Terence Tracey

083 601 7511



Save the rhino LOGO

Jhb society for the blind

TT & Geoff


wiring almost complete.

February 7, 2013

Frank Copping of Mobiletric is doing a sterling jog of finalising the wiring of my Joburg to London chariot; my ’72 Super Imp, and with a bit of luck i will be able to take it back home tomorrow! Then it will the the turn of the higher springs, nw shocks and new bakkie tyres. 

When that is complete it will be the alu skid plate to protech the car’s important bits over the challenging African roads.

Come visit the the map of our planned route on display at Scrooge Diner in the Brightwater Commons in Randburg.

Big thanks th Dennis of Alpine Developments who made the water pipes reduction steps; top job Den! 


Escape from AFRICA!!!

February 4, 2013

Got pretty good news on Saturday from a friend who lie=ves in Tel aviv; he tells me that it is easy peezie to catch a ferry out of Isreal to Cyprus and beyond. so my concern thati would not be able to ferry accross the Med is no longer a bother for me. 



Shera, one of my faithful German Shepards

February 4, 2013

Shera, one of my faithful German Shepards

i think i’ll shelter from tonights storm under this here IMP!