Thanks to our generous sponsors

February 21, 2013

Wow, thanks to all who are contributing towards our upcoming charity run from Johannesburg to London.

 Individuals like Harry Lombard, Bruce Pidwell, Frank Copoing, Dennis  McBeath, Jimmy Bennett, Roy Mc Bride in Cape Town, Brian Baylis of Impwerks  in New Zealand.

Of course the generosity of the following companies is also allowing us to undertake this journey;

Pilot Software

High Fidelity

International Seafoods

Zwartkops Raceway




Arnolds on Kloof

Scrooge Diner


Cassidy Meats

Red Bull

Bandit Signs



Today I was gifted with a superb array of state of the art lighting equipment and a solar charging mat from Franco Resca of Rescomp. The magic part about these lights is the fact that they are help in place by a monster magnet, so when working on the car the lights can be positioned exactly where they are needed. Over and above the magnet that holds the lights in the perfect spot you can swivel the versatile knucklehead around to make it light up the exact spot where the most light is needed! I can see these Streamlights becoming standard equipment in operating theatres around the World in no time. Add the the magnets a handy stowable hook that can also be used to position the lamp.


As well as the powerful knuckleheads we were also given the Streamlight PROTAC HL little pocket light whick has a powerful 600 lumens light.

The Solar power soaker mat called the Streamlight Solarstream will merrily charge all our electric kit in the car as we move up through Africa and Europe. Thanks a million Franco and Streamlight.


Now I’m off to my garage to fit the Streamlight Solarstream to the engine cover of the JoLon Imp.


Incidentally, if you would like to contribute towards our voyage please feel free to pop a rand or ten into the following account and remember that 15% will be duly handed over to the Causes we are supporting namely, RNIB and Save the Rhino International. 






Account name;                                 THE IMP SHARE TRUST

Account number;             623 680 46 308

Account type;                    CURRENT ACCOUNT

Bank:                                     FNB

Branch;                                 CRESTA

Branch code;                      25 49 05


Huge thanks for any donation; even the tiniest amount will be hyper appreciated!



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