9 days to departure!

March 7, 2013

Well progress is being made albeit one step forward and a half step back. However there is no substitute for a good dose of determination.

Took out the gear linkage today and replaced the flexible link that attaches to the box and now i can get all gears but i still need to fine tune the selector position to allow me to locate all gears properly.

Three carburettors used today and the last one seems better than the others but still hmmm hmm I’m not quite sure how right it actually is!!!

Last night having removed both petrol tanks to exchange the master cylinder and rebled the brake system, I am still not happy with the very poor braking. I will have to dig deeper tomorrow.

By the way, does anybody know how to either make the day into a 39 hourer or is there a substitute for sleep?   I a seriously running short of time!

Tomorrow i will put in the shocks and longer springs. Then off to get five brand new boots for the wheels. Next week it will be the turn of the signwriting company to deck out the Imp with my sponsor stickers.

Next week i will have to be very nice to my pal Bruce Pidwell to allow me to put my JoLon Imp up on his four poster jack to allow us to install the underbelly protective plates! He is right now fully occupied with reconstructing my wrecked racing Imp, and doing a fine job of it as well. In fact I firmly believe he will rebuild it straighter that it actually exited the Linwood prod line fifty years ago.


Well one thing most enjoyable about working on my car is the first rate music that is played by the radio station Mix 93fm. Thanks guys!



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