Desperate situation, JUST DAYS before my planned departure for London!

March 7, 2013

I was soooo looking forward to taking my JoLon Imp out for its maiden drive tomorrow but hit a brick wall tonight!!! we battled to properly bleed the brakes yesterday so tonight after work we set about diagnosing the problem…. seems like it was a gammy master cylinder (which had been serviced before being installed!!!) so out with the double pertol tanks and out with the offending cylinder. Out to the Singer Chamois Coupe in its 70% restored state and discovered a brake cylinder begging to be taken to London, so out i took it, popped into the JoLon Imp and replaced the two gas tanks. started it up but found it almost impossible to get the gears smoothly. GRRRR! What could this very sticky gear selector symptom be caused by??? 


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