March 13, 2013

For the past few days i have been getting close to my Imp that will soon transport me and Geoff to London, in fact to Coventry where we will get to meet many more members of the Imp family at the Imp 50 Birthday party.

Well it has not been plain sailing, in fact if the truth be told i have had butterflies in my tummy every time i start driving it, just plain worrying about what might not be working or whatever.

Plenty still needs to be done, for an example, the brakes are seriously suspect in spite of refurbishing everything from the piping to the brake cylinders, masters etc. So i am going to have to have an expert examine where i have gone wrong here cos we will need to be able to stop from time to time!

I notice also that the dash lights are not all illuminating as they should; the water temp is a critical one that remains in the dark so to speak!

But my biggest shock surprise (‘cuse the pun!) was when i pulled into the Supa Quick fitment center to have a set of new shocks fitted only to find the techies there perplexed at the type of shock on my Imp, we have nothing that will fit this Terence, you will have to modify the suspension. Now while i should be busy deciding where to pack my toothpaste and sunglasses for the trip i am having to reinvent the wheel. My own fault of leaving things to the last minute. Well no worries anyway, i just paid a visit to my good friend Bruce who was manfully toiling on my totally wrecked race Imp and while he was pre-occupied with piecing together the seven jig-saw like pieces of Imp that he will reconstruct the rear end of the Imp i sneakily stole around to the front of the Imp and removed the two front shock adjustable turrets that will allow me to use normal shocks. Yippee!

So tomorrow i will have the newbies fitted along with the new springs that i have had made to allow us to tackle the tough African roads.

I also found the rather strange wiper switch to be rather unreliable, sometimes it worked and sometimes not! Hope we have a dry run then!!!

On Saturday 16th at the first Historic Tour race event of the year we have been invited to take our Imp around the track for a parade lap and the organisers have agreed to add R1 per every paying spectator towards our charity effort.

However two matters have thrown a spanner into the works and that is the post office strike here in Johannesburg which has prevented me receiving the parts that i ordered for the Imp from England and the other is a delay in obtaining the visas for Ethiopia, Sudan (North) and Egypt. I do hope we can overcome the hurdle of visas soon.

So our departure date will have to be moved out to later in the month.


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