March 16, 2013

Our kick off date of 17th March has been delayed due to a few admin and technical problems but we expect to head off to London shortly.

For example, the IMPortant parts we were waiting for from England has still not arrived. In fact they probably have arrived in South Africa but due to our postal strike here i have not yet been advised of their arrival nor do i expect to get them before i need to leave.

Also delays in some visas are an issue, so while we hurry up and wait for the various embassies to do their thing we are finalising bits n pieces on our Imp chariot.

Yesterday was however a SHOCKING day.

I watched the team of shock absorber fitters swarm around my car and merrily remove the rubber doughnut in order to fit two back Shock absorbers!!!! I was surprised twofold! WHY REMOVE THE DOUGHNUT & why have tee shirts that had the following message printed on them “RELAX IM AN EXPERT!”

Well after an interminable delay i decided to assist them in aligning the last two (obviously the most difficult) bolts and they proceeded to fasten the nuts and bolts accordingly. There was also a delay due to the fact that i had gone for a specific shock that works well on my race Imp but what we miscalculated was that the race imp’s springs are much shorter. So we had to undo the original shocks a d send out for longer replacements which added to the delays.

Time to head home arrived, now in rush hour traffic and lo and behold as i took off from an uphill stop street i heard an almighty clack clack clack from the left rear so pulled over to examine what the donner had happened. What happened was that the guys who removed the doughnut had stripped one of the bolts and the nut just removed itself and with nothing to hold it in place the bolt merrily found another place to be and that was not where i was getting any drive!!!

A phone call t my lovely wife and a snap lesson over the phone on how to drive a car with a trailer on it and then sit back for an hour or so until night fell and the car trailer arrived .

Aon to the trailer and off home and after a quick coffee it was off into the garage with my son Brendan who with me battled for a good hour or two the get the bolt back in place and the doughnut back where it should have been. Our long frustrated toiling was duly rewarded and hyper happily i placed the new nut in place and began to tighten………… to my absolute horror i came to realise what in fact had caused the drama in the first place!!! They had stripped the bolt so the offending bolt had to be then removed and the mission of reinserting a new bolt and nut began all over again!!! Now why they removed the doughnut in the first place boggles my mind.


Well today was better, we now have the front suspension properly set up by my friend and suspension expert Wayne Berrington-Smith; yes the very same Wayne who last year piloted my race Imp to great success at Kyalami.

We also inserted our rear windows sorted the handbrake setup.


So London, get you ready for our imminent arrival!



  1. When do you now think you are leaving ?

    • Hello Brian, by the end of March would still leave us just enough time to make the Imp 50 event in early May but any time later than that would scare me as it would then turn into a race which was not my initial plan. However as soon as our visas are stamped into our passports we will leave immediately. right now the egyptina embassy has our passports and we still need Ethiopia and North Sudan. Incidentally i have heard the Sudanese visas may be obtained in Nairobi in just one day! if theis is correct we might save sime time with this option, Thanks for the interest and keep in touch.

    • hi Brian, we left, we arrived (in Coventry) and we departed! now back in South Africa.

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