A busy but a very productive day.

March 25, 2013

Started the day cheering on the gaggle of F1 drivers who were on duty in Malaysia; hmmm I think young Vettel has done enough to have himself thrown out of favour with a number of folks at RB! And i say Garmin, you have yourselves a potential new customer for directional assistance in MR. LOST HAMILTON.

Then it was back to the grindstone churning out German wors rolls at the very successful Brightwater Commons Beerfest where we were blessed with glorious weather, great entertainment and plentiful and hungry customers.

Then it was off to my friend Bruce Pidwell who resurrected my race imp from a lost cause write-off smash in February and i loaded up the Imp doner body and parked it at home. A quick supper at home then with my family, including my sister who has come in from Zimbabwe to cheer me off on my trans-continental journey and then straight afterwards it was back into the garage to re-install the fuel tanks and take my JoLon Imp for a proper test run to establish that indeed i had been successful in fixing the brakes. Three small runs around the block and the brakes were fine but now the car was starting to overheat. Clearly i had developed an airlock as the frond rad pipes had to be undone for the fuel tank removal. Half an hour of fiddling left me no better off and i retired JoLon to the garage once again while i went back to the restaurant to finish off the day’s business. Getting home again at past midnight i almost managed to get into my house to head off to bed but the garage managed to pull me in to convince me to have another go at resolving the water air lock/ overheating problem.

I have just removed the thermostat, cleaned the housing faces and put a new gasket in place and tightened up the thermostat housing. Giving the gasket maker a chance to dry overnight i will water the car up in the morning and give old JoLon a  good honest run tomorrow. Wish me good luck!

It’s now time to get a little bit of shut-eye before its off to  the Embassies in Pretoria at 08h00 in the morning!



  1. TT how was day one ? You guys seemed to have better progress than you anticipated.

    Geoff trust you done your fair share behind the wheel and navigated to Francistown your old stamping grond

    • yep, great progress and yes Geoff has done more than his fair share of the driving! we are leaving Lusaka tomorrow morning to head nprth to tanzania.

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