Jumbos and Imps!

April 6, 2013

Jumbos and Imps!

our first elephant sighting crossing the main road in the Chobe National Park, we were super lucky to see lots of Ellies, giraffes and plenty other game. and they too were lucky to see a very unique African Imp en route to Coventry!



  1. Hey guys.
    Great to follow your trip. Was in Chobe last July, sadly it wasn’t in an Imp only in a Mitsubishi 4×4.
    Looking forward to your arrival in the UK. Don’t forget anything I can do from this end, just ask.
    Alan Hendy

    • Thanks Alan, hoping to stay with you if your kind offer is still on! we face an enormous challenge on the next leg of the journey, you will be able to read about it just as soon as I can get to write about it.

  2. Hi Mr T, pliz update me on ur journey we all wanna knw where u are everytym, I think u have done amazingly well to have travelled through to Nairobi, well done, pliz kip us posted!!! All the best Mr Go away!

    • so you see G man, I practice what I preach and I have GONE AWAY!!! have you updated my map at Scrooge? how does it look?

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