let’s get out of Nairobi!

April 9, 2013

The weather is foul, the traffic is depressing, the cost of everything is shockingly high, the local supermarket Naukomat is a rip off centre and the guest house where we are staying has again being plunged into darkness after only having power for a few hours this afternoon, just when we did not need power.

Geoff is on cooking duty tonight while up blog update. He has just changed the menu to a cold supper, I wonder why???

 Please let the rains hold back for a few days so that we can crawl out of this dive!

Well in our haste to depart Joburg we went with 40 year old windscreen wipers which I need not elaborate but suffice to say they were worse than useless. Well try to buy Hillman Imp windscreen wipers in Nairobi while there is a total lockdown while they install a new president, well let me tell you, it isn’t easy.  Well not to be dictated to by fate or Murphy and his trip you up law, MacGyver Geoff grabbed a set of Bosch moderns and scidalled into the house armed to the teeth with long nose pliers, screwdrivers, knives, Leatherman in pouch and a steely determination that made it poignantly clear that he meant business. In less than thirty minutes he emerged from the house with a glint in his eye; “here Terence try these” well try them I did and the outcome was perfect. Geoff had blithely dismembered the modern Bosch wipers and transplanted or should I say re threaded them onto the original Imp wiper blade arms. PURE GEOFF GENIUS!                        


To celebrate, I took the car for a ride around until I could find a shower of rain, guess what it took absolutely no time and the wipers did a sterling job. Now we are going to tackle the Moyale road come rain or shine!!


Another little job we carried out on the car today and again it was Geoff’s clear thinking gave us a stop on idea. We have resigned ourselves to the fact that some spots on the Moyale road will be impassable to a regular car and we envisage getting a tow or two from some willing and able 4×4 travellers. So we have rigged up a permanent tow hitch on the front of our Imp. Now we realised that the front suspension is the obvious mounting point for the tow hitch but in the event of the tow vehicle jerking us out of a tight spot it could well do some nasty damage to the front suspension mounting so we actually ran the tow strap right back under the car and attached it to the rear cross member which is a much better proposition. Of course it is our opinion never to use this mod. Like a little Murphy’s’ Law reversal physiology, if you have you won’t need it; don’t have it and you WILLL need it!



Also we need to say a massive thank you to Keith, Geoff’s brother who made up two massive parachute material groundsheets which we put to excellent use by covering our little African Imp and keeping it dry during the torrential night time rain storms.

 Before the storm


During the nightly splashdown!

To avoid risking our little African Imp in the Nairobi traffic so we decided to call on the services of the guest house shuttle. Well Wycliffe, well-spoken and intelligent, obviously well-educated was eloquent in his communication, but sadly in our eyes he swiftly joined the ranks of crooked tourist ripper off artist. Such a pity. So of course, once bitten twice shy. So instead of enjoying a nice flow of income for the duration of our stay he lost out entirely as we decided to turn to our trusty steed that has successfully taken us across half of Africa.



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