This part of the Hell road was easy!

April 15, 2013

This part of the Hell road was easy!

the start of the Hell road to Moyae.



  1. Hi Terence, just phoned Rita for her birthday, and heard that you are on your way to Ethiopia. What a relief to us that you are safe, and off the “hell road”, thank God. Enjoy the rest of the trip. Sure it will be a breeze after what you have been through. God Bless and keep you both safe.
    Love Felicity

  2. No mud as yet I see just sand. Pls update with a mud pic. You are a legendary pair of adventurers. We salute you. Plain sailing from now on I hope. Heard Ethiopians are stone throwers – DODGE them or catch and THROW BACK. All rooting for you here in Jozie

  3. In recent pics of the IMP, Geoff seems to be behind the wheel, has TT taken over as the official photographer ? Keep going, Europe is by now the closer option than turning back. Gb+

  4. From all at kyalami marshals wish you a safe trip

  5. I think you should rather have taken a Massey Ferguson from the 60’s…Good luck!

  6. Almost there, only a few more thousand K”s. Go Terence & Geoff.
    We’re proud of you

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