Clean low milage Imp for sale!

April 18, 2013
our mission of getting our JoLon Imp to London has encountered a few setbacks due mainly to freak rains in Kenya. So to recover some of the increased costs I will be putting my Imp up for sale when I get to London. so interested parties can… please message me if they might be interested.
  it is a basic 875 mark ! curly edge block, all standard with a few suspension mods to make to handle the bad road conditions.
  Ford fiesta seats and back seats converted to luggage space.
  paintwork will definitely need re doing at the end of our trip.
  hope someone can come to the rescue!See More


  1. TT any chance in you driving the IMP back to Jhb, for prospective buyers to view, kick the wheels etc ??????

  2. Low milage imp ,
    How far are you traveling ??????

  3. Its worth R1000 000 COME ON BUY IT hehe

  4. What was that saying about the luck of the Irish,stay with it lad. Nigel

    • hi Nigel we are now in Aswan Egypt, by a host of miracles let me tell you

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