Imp ready for the long hail

April 18, 2013

Imp ready for the long hail



  1. IMP looking neat and tidy. A buyers gem. Where is the pic taken; the Jo, or Lon side, of the “Hell Road” Ant

  2. Looks like a low mileage and as good as the little old lady going to chrcuh on Sundays, you guys keep up your spirits i have a feeling the worst is behind you and your are nearly there. regards molones

  3. What a quaint campsite WAY to go team IMPI we bursting with encouragement for the terrific trio Imp, TT and Geoff x x x

  4. Did you make the ferry? We met up with the Brazilian/Italian couple, who gave us an update of your progress through the hills. Small world.

    Olly and Lisa (met in addis) keeping fingers crossed for you guys

    • hi Oliver and Lisa,

      we made Coventry and all the assocoated ferries etc. successful trip all around. now back in South Africa. keep in outhc. are you now in england?

      • hi guys, just saw this. we know you made it as we have kept an eye on you! we were cheering for you. 🙂 Well done! We are in Port Said, Egypt and waiting on a ferry. few engine troubles but should leave in the next few days. We will be in the UK very end of June. All the best!

      • hope your trip is still ongoing and that all is well. where are you now?


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