Out of the strong, comes froth sweetness!

April 18, 2013

while any NORMAL person would have looked at being cooped up in a concentration camp, er I mean a construction site for a couple of days while being badly delayed from their mission of getting their car from Johannesburg to its 50th birthday party in Coventry as being just pure misery, we looked for the silver lining…. we never found it… we found GOLD LINING. The GOLD that I am referring to was the Dragoman tour operator called Steve. he, like us was cooped up in the construction site after having been dragged out of the mud a few days earlier and he not only regaled us with the most exciting stories about his wide and far travels coupled with the most exquisite photos that when it came time for us to head back on the Hell Road it was almost disappointing. Not only was he an entertainer par excellence but he also became our saviour in that he had arranged with his company in the UK that he should get to Moyale by hook or by crook so that he could carry on his tour with another Dragoman truck and to this end he hired a Toyota Land Cruiser. Now here is where he changed! he changed from being a normal oke to a first class human being, a good Samaritan in the perfect living sense; What he di was to arrange for th Cruiser to agree to tow us with them in the event of the gong getting too tough for the little Imp. he also ensured that the Cruiser would stay with us in case we encountered trouble. AND HE DID ALL OF THIS IN SPITE OF THE FACT THAT HE HAD A SERIOUS DEADLINE TO MEET IN RESPECT OF HIS OWN AGENDA! 

Wow such generosity is rarely encountered and Steve we salute you to the highest honour imaginable.


Geoff and Terence.


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