a quick n dyrty snyopsis!

April 24, 2013

our home from home for the past month or so – the JoLon Imp –  has been through Hell and back but still willing and still heading north! But the going has been so challenging our Blog updates have had to suffer so here is a quick update of the ground we have already covered and the detail will be added at a later stage.

We realised the Hell road to Moyale would not be possible until the road dried and this could still have taken days or even weeks so we decided to call in the services of a truck heading to Moyale to load our car on and get it there after our repairs were completed.

With the repairs done we had a truck organised; but this truck sat for one entire day just outside Turbi where we were camped out, in fact it was blocked in the same spot where the Imp had been dragged in and out of the deep ditch hole and the river crossing. But finally our patience was rewarded and the half-filled cattle truck loaded up our Imp and both Geoff and I and we belted off to Moyale. We shared the back of the cattle truck with about 20 other people and the Imp bounced and rocked around in the back of the truck as our driver Brian galloped across the still shocking road until he arrived at another river crossing that could not have been attempted in the dark, so with the knowledge that the area where we stopped was Kenya Black Lion territory we were very circumspect where we attended to nature calls and of course we chose – wisely – to sleep in the truck!

In daylight the massive mud challenge was successfully negotiated and our super skilled driver who was the last in a convoy of 11 trucks took only about thirty minutes or so to overtake each and every one as he rattled across the desert, albeit a perfectly green desert, to Moyale.

The Kenyan Moyale officials were to a man, super friendly, a complete contrast to the Ethiopian passport officers. In fact the only difference between God and the Ethiopian passport guy was that God never pretends that he is an Ethiopian passport official.

Formalities behind us we retired to a nice hotel in Moyale Ethiopia for the night, enjoyed a lovely late lunch, washed our car and had dinner and off to bed. We got up at 04h00 so as to be on the road for 05h00. This we did but it served no purpose whatsoever because the police control out of eh little town only allows you to travel out into the darkness after 06hoo!



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