Call for HELP!

April 26, 2013

Thanks to all our friends who have wished us well over our journey from Joburg to London in the Imp. Most people laughed, many doubted us and even more were deeply concerned about our safety. Some even recommended psychiatric help.

Well in spite of numerous challenges our little Imp has taken us through to the very top of Egypt already and our next stage will see us ferry to Turkey and drive right across Europe to the UK. We have been interviewed by press throughout our journey and photographed by thousands and chatted to many more about our journey and our little chariot.

However, delays in Kenya due to the severe flooding have set us back both chronologically and financially and the completion of our escapade is at risk unless we can source some extra money.

In this regard we would like to throw a question out there to any friends who may know of a company that would like to have their brand proudly emblazoned on our Imp for the remainder of the journey. All it would need would be for us to have the company logo emailed to us and we would have the sticker made in the closest town to where we are at the time. Of course the amount of contribution would obviously dictate the size of the sticker and it position and SIZE DOES MATTER!

So any prospective advertiser on the Imp should make contact with Terence by text message on +27836017511 or email on ttracey@polka.co.za

However if any individuals would like to put a ten rand note or two into our travel account it would also be greatly appreciated. Our account details are as follows; The Imp Share Trust; current account; 623 680 46 308; fnb cresta 25 49 05

Many thanks and greetings from Cairo.  


One comment

  1. Eish man YOU DESERVE to get to Coventey. Hopig fill your Trust Account
    Love c

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