Jolon Imp’s arrival in Aswan

April 27, 2013

Jolon Imp's arrival in Aswan

A truly amazing coincidence; as our ferry approached Aswan it overtook the tiny barge that had left Wadi Halfa the previous day with my African Imp on board. In fact it was the ONLY cargo it was carrying!!! In fact we found it rather bizarre that this little barge would come so close to another ship but in fact it very dangerously crossed directly in front of our passenger ferry and shortly after came so close to us that it almost touched! All this in open waters; I was quite surprised to say the least! well the Wadi Halfa fixer, Mazur’s words echoed loudly in my ears where he had mentioned to me that it was IMPerative that the barge gets to deliver the Imp BEFORE the ferry deposits its 600 plus passengers and their respective cargos as this would delay the clearing of the car by two to three days! Well what happened next blew our socks right off to the amazement and entertainment of all on board the passenger ferry; the Imp laden barge lived solidly up to its appellation….. it BARGED right in front of the mooring ferry to get itself alongside the quay so that it could deposit its only albeit precious cargo. Well if ever I saw a march being stolen this took the biscuit. Well while the passenger ferry captain must have been swearing at the barge captain the little imp was screamed into life and bounce jumped over the barge piping and raced cheekily up the quay to enjoy first spot in the queue for the customs guys. Mazur, your planning and execution was perfect to the nth degree! Shukran!


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