Roadside repair at the Giza Pyramids

April 27, 2013

Wow, we have honestly spend much more time waiting for the red tape of border crossing than we have actually driving!

Today Geoff and felt honestly cheated since we only had about four hours driving! The rest of the day was sitting waiting for our ‘fixer’ to deregister our car from its Egyptian registration and clear it through customs. The day did not start off perfect either!

As we drove out of the hotel parking to head past the Giza pyramids to photograph the car in front of it, Geoff said it was impossible to control the car even at a very slow pace. In fact I had heard tyres squealing as we left the parking also and wondered if in fact it had been our wheels and to our astonishment it turned out that it was!

Earlier in the morning I had rotated the back tyres to the front as the damaged steering rod that we had replaced with a rather second hand one (one that had huge play in the rubber bush) in Turbi and had to later change back to the original one that I had hammered straight, at least sort of straight, since the speed wobble was uncontrollable.

Geoff very politely asked if perhaps I might not have properly tightened all the wheel nuts but I was positive that I had done all of them up correctly. After about half a kilometre we realised we had to find a place to stop and examine the front suspension. To our horror we found the steering arm once again bend almost as badly as it had been on the Moyale dirt road! Worse than this, it also had a meaningful break in the arm just at the beginning of the threads! We were seriously lucky that this did not break off completely!

So we were now resorted to using the wibby wobbly wonder and would have to deal with the speed rattle between 67 and 86 kilometres per hour. Not a nice option!

No worries! With McGyver Geoff on board the problems just melt into simple solutions. Guess what he did to firm up the ailing steering arm bush? He cut and chopped a plastic bottle top and meticulously inserted them into the bush and we reassembled it.

With the advice of the guys back home we used a piece of rope to sort of align the wheels and our trip from Cairo to Port Said was pleasurable and the fronts are still in one piece! 







  1. Can’t think of anything car or engineering related will stop you.

    • Lars as long as the morale support keep on coming we will brave ANY storm. thanks for everything!

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