Unbelievable Hospitality from Kenyan Police

April 29, 2013


It would be remiss on me not to highlight the kindness that we were shown at the Turbi police station. Arrived as we did with our ailing car towed to the police compound, we were immediately made to feel like welcome guests that were very quickly made into friends.

At this particular stage of the voyage our minds were in complete spins with a badly damaged car, impassable roads, the worst rains in Kenyan recorded history and a very tight timeframe to get to Coventry for the Imp gathering. Within minutes of our arrival the police that were off duty but living in the little huts on the police compound were tripping over each other in assisting us in our endeavours to get our car sorted. one went off to buy cool drinks and mineral waters for us, another organised a 20 litre drum of rainwater for us to use in cleaning the mud off our car and yet another said he would get some food prepared for us to eat dinner with them.

As we manfully toiled on our car repair and drank gallons of the cool drinks and water in the searing heat we were all the time checked in on by the various members of the police to ensure we had all we needed. John the chief of the station late joined us and insisted on us accepting yet another 20 litre drum of rainwater for our exclusive use which we duly used to wash our by now mud caked filthy clothes.

Now 20 litres of rainwater in just that, 20 litres of rainwater; but bear in mind this little settlement sees rain once or twice every five years or so. therefore this rainwater is delivered to Turbi by truck AND SOLD TO THE TURBI PEOPLE FOR 20 US dollars a pop!!!

with the car suspension sorted we set up camp next to John’s hut and washed out clothes and hung them out to dry on the cloths line just behind our tent. it took only a few hours and each and every item of our washing was bone dry again. it was quite strange to have been held prisoner in this tiny village on Kenya by serious flooding yet there was not a drop of water to be had in the entire place.

We left Turbi with very fond memories of a superb team of people of the Police station of Turbi and if anyone reading this blog intends ever to travel past Turbi in the near or distant future and if you could spare the time to stop for ten minutes and stretch your legs, please do us one tiny favour; pop up to the police station and give them a few bottles of water and a bag of rice. i know its not much but if many people do this, then the guys in blue there will have a nice little collection over time. its just our way of saying a massive THANK YOU to the Turbi police who were to us modern day saviours.


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  1. Hi Terrence nice to get some happy news from you two , it sounds like its been a very difficult time all round , keep that little car going , we look forward to pictures of you in England From all the kyalami marshals

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