Final Push to Coventry!

May 4, 2013

To our family and friends who have offered Geoff and I support during this very challenging trip (Moral, Technical & Financial) we want to thank you all very much indeed. Without your support we would have been lost for sure.

Furthermore, the good people of Egypt, Turkey, Bulgaria ,Romania and the countries west of them wish also to thank you for the help because without it they would surely have been stuck with the two Imp characters and a very second hand Imp in their backyard somewhere.

we have just had a quick burger  just outside Vienna and will now make a final push to drive through the night to make as much of the Imp 50 Convention as possible. Wish us good luck.

Terence & Geoff 



  1. Eish man we so proud of the terrific TRIO, only few more kms and Coventry here we come. Go Team ImpI

  2. Fantastic hope you guys make it in time for the celebrations and please let us know when you arrive.

  3. Fantastic going guys! Let us know when you arrive…

  4. Followed your trip with great interest. Well done!

    • will try to publish a book on the effort!

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