JoLon Imp enters London under the cover of darkness!

May 6, 2013

JoLon Imp enters London under the cover of darkness!

The JoLon Imp photographed here at the intersection of the M25 ring road around London and the M1 North in the early hours of the morning of the 6th of May on its final few kilometres to meet the members of the Imp Club at the 50 year celebrations in Coventry.



  1. Congratulations on an epic journey, very inspiring and entertaining. Have a good rest you deserve it guys. Best of luck on your return trip to your families. Safe flight!!

  2. Great pic. Have you any offers on the Africa Imp, from the UK Imp enthusiasts? Ant

  3. Haha, amazing, I guess you must have been driving in relays to have done it so quickly!

  4. Well done guys,you’re the man(men).It was an epic journey.

  5. The trip back I’m sure wont be as strenuous (you’ve done it before) HAHA

  6. Congratulation Geoff this is a great achievement.

  7. Magic-while London slept 2 brave and funky adventurers slipped quietly but with hearts soaring into the sleeping City. WOW what a sUPeRB trio x x x

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