The Imp that can’t get enough!

May 9, 2013


After successfully negotiating the 14,000 kilometres from Johannesburg to Coventry to celebrate its fiftieth birthday, one would think the little car would say ’now that’s enough”, but no! Instead the crazy duo of Terence and Geoff are now doing a tour of Ireland and England before returning to sunny South Africa and the African Imp is merrily complying! 

Our arrival in Coventry for the final day of the Imp 50 celebrations was super special. We were intercepted about 15 miles outside Coventry town by some of the Imp Club members and very soon we were being given a Police escort right to our destination. Of particular note was the fact that this Police car with wailing siren was in fact also a Hillman Imp!


Following us was a convoy of Imps of every different sort, shape and colour. Even Ginetta G15’s and Clan crusaders. what a sight it was to see more Imps driving behind us that probably exist in totality in all of South Africa. In fact i am aware of not more than about 10 Imps in roadworthy condition in South Africa,

After a most wonderful welcome Geoff and I managed to steal a few hours of long overdue shut-eye only to be gently aroused from our slumbers to a full on English breakfast, a feast fit for a King. And that was not all! The Chairman, Graeme, then presented us with a very special award which was a picture by the famous artist, David Shepard, of the Imp in the African bush in front of David’s favourite animal, the Elephant. Both copies of the very limited print were personally signed by the artist himself! These will be suitably treasured by both Geoff and I. Along with the very special works of art we were also presented with a commutative golden anniversary miniature Imp  made especially to mark the occasion. Our JoLon Imp also got a gift, a commutative rally plaque that we promptly placed in a place of pride on the front of the car. Over and above all of this, we were given a very special treat in a Imp 50 tee shirt. it should be noted that this was the ONLY clean piece of clothing that we possessed after our marathon drive.



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  1. Well done guys you have memories none of us will be able to understand, as we were not there but from all the updates you have both enjoyed and completed another “bucketlist” item congratulations, Peter Moloney………………..see u when u get back

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