JoLon Imp comes to rest

May 17, 2013

yesterday i took Jolon Imp on my final drive on this great journey. I have placed it in the care of the good people of the Beaulieu National Motor Museum amid such wonderful machines as the McLaren Honda of Ayrton Senna and other classic autos, a bit outclassed but in great company! 

when i return to South Africa i will post more details reports of the trip in due course. 



  1. JOLON IMP and its saxy drivers OUTCLASS at the museum

    • Jolon Imp should be star of the show after such an achievment !!
      I hope Bealieu treat it well.

      • Thanks Dave. looking forward to now getting to work on my Ginetta G15 when i get home.

  2. What a marvellous opportunity to have seen such a machine in such proximity. I was moved by your determination and to hear the selfless reason why you put your life at risk, travelling so long a distance, in such unknown territory and difficult terrain. I applaud you! I will treasure the photos I took of the Imp, especially the car registration. 🙂

    I wish you all the best and safest journey back to RSA.

    Nelly – Ardmore Estate, Ireland.

    • It was a great pleasure and an honour to have been able to deliver. thanks for the moral support.

    • hi Nelly,

      i am now safely back in Joburg and the car was left to my friends in England who will be taking it to various car shows for teh summer around the UK

      sale khale


  3. Hi Jolonimp guys,

    I only came upon your blog as you reached Coventry and but have sincerely enjoyed catching up on your adventures in the mighty imp. My father, Tim Fry, worked on the design of the Imp with his buddy Mike Parkes over 50 years ago. If you go to ‘The Imp Site’ under ‘History’ you will find quite a nice write up as well as, sadly, his obituary. He would have loved the stories of your trip and the determination that you showed to make it to the finish line. Many of his friends and my sister were in Coventry to mark the 50th anniversary.

    If you are looking for a designer for your book I would be happy to help. I live in Cape Town and have been a book designer for over 20 years.

    With warm wishes and congratulations,
    Trinity Loubser
    Cape Town

    • hi Trinity,

      what a mall world and i would be delighted with your help but more so just to meet with you and chat about our common interest. Of course i knew all about tim and Mike. please call me on 083 601 7511 when you get a chance and we can discuss the best way forward. i will do a book on our adventures and will take any help i can get to make it happen.


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