JoLon Imp journey presented to the MG Club Johannesburg

August 2, 2013


Last night 1st August i hade the great pleasure of sharing the Jolon Journey with a most enthusiastic group of MG club members Johannesburg at Scrooge Diner in the Brightwater Commons.

During the dinner and presentation, Ayanda from the Johannesburg Society for the Blind added a further R2200 to the tally of monies collected through our trip to over R8,000.

Now i am looking forward to sharing our story with the Kyalami Marshal’s association at their next noggin in a few weeks time.



  1. Hi Terrance greatly enjoyed the MG presentation on Thursday even the Scrooges menu was good never mind the sponsored castle! I was going through your blogs and noticed that you had a tyre company offering to sponsor your tyres,either they let you down our you didn’t do them justice by mentioning who they are!

    • Thanks Nogel for the kind word regarding the presentation on thursday.

      Well when it comes to tyres and long trips, letting one down is a rather unfortunate state of affairs. In the case of sponsoring the tyres for the trip I have decided to rename the particular company that I was engaging with as DunFlop as that’s exactly what they did. I don’t as such have a quarrel with the fact that they chose not to avail of the superb opportunity but the fact that they offered to look into opportunity but they never contacted me although they promised to do so. Just poor manners I say. And indeed they missed a golden opportunity to get some superb coverage during and as a result of my trip! 15,000 kilometers and not 1 flat tyre!!! Their Loss!

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