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JoLon Imp on show at the British Classic Car Show.

November 14, 2013


While the Imp Club Chairman Graham Anderson and James Spencer were traversing England with my JoLon Imp on a trailer taking it to form part of the Classic Car Of The Year stand where on Saturday it will be handed its FINAL JUDGEMENT, I was sharing the transcontinental Imp journey slide and video show with a bunch of friends, some of whom i had not seen for years. it was great to meet up with those friends and all the time knowing that the Imp that carried Geoff and I all through Africa and over Europe is about to be recognised for its sterling effort was exceptionally pleasing to me in articular.

Holding thumbs for the Imp to grip 1st spot when the judges do their thing on Saturday 16th!



Thanks Graham Anderson for taking and sending me the photo of the JoLon Imp being set up on the ccoty finalists stand at the NEC.


Alan Hendy taking JoLon for a drive Tuesday 7th May 2013

Grateful thanks also to Alan Hendy (seen here actually driving the JoLon around the quiet streets of Aldridge) for his hospitality and support while we were in the UK.


Ms Vangile of the Johannesburg Society for the Blind accepting another donation form the JoLon team.


Help needed to get my certificate of presence stamped by a customs, police or government official in the UK!

November 7, 2013


Who can help me?

My Imp that i earlier this year drove from Joburg to the Imp’s 50th birthday celebrations in Coventry is going to be on show in Birmingham National Exhibition Centre next week where it has been selected as one of the top 5 classic cars of the year and the outright winner will be announced on Saturday 16th November and i am hoping hoping to get the top honours.

However i desperately need someone in the UK to help me get a document signed and stamped so i can recoup my carnet du Passage monies from my local AA office here in Johannesburg.

the document is a straightforward doc that simply states that the car is presently in the UK and if should be signed and stamped by either a customs official or a police or other Government official.

if anyone out there has some advice for me please could you contact me urgently.






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