Help needed to get my certificate of presence stamped by a customs, police or government official in the UK!

November 7, 2013


Who can help me?

My Imp that i earlier this year drove from Joburg to the Imp’s 50th birthday celebrations in Coventry is going to be on show in Birmingham National Exhibition Centre next week where it has been selected as one of the top 5 classic cars of the year and the outright winner will be announced on Saturday 16th November and i am hoping hoping to get the top honours.

However i desperately need someone in the UK to help me get a document signed and stamped so i can recoup my carnet du Passage monies from my local AA office here in Johannesburg.

the document is a straightforward doc that simply states that the car is presently in the UK and if should be signed and stamped by either a customs official or a police or other Government official.

if anyone out there has some advice for me please could you contact me urgently.






turbi 5



  1. Happy to assist!

    • ok can i mail you the cert of presence that needs completing?

      • Sure! Will,see what i can do this weekend!

  2. Hi – will encounter this same question when I get to uk after a drive from mozambique through capetown. How did you resolve? And do you have info on selling a non uk car in uk?

    hi Don, apologies for the late reply.

    Once you have a cert of presence signed by british customs you can present this to the issuing authority and theoritically you shoul then get your money back.

    ttracey@polka.co.za or call me on 083 601 7511

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