Significant date!

March 29, 2014

28th of March will be forever etched in our memories as it was the date on which Geoff Biermann and I departed Johannesburg for Coventry in England with a half century old Hillman Imp. An ill prepared Imp might I add. If fact neither Geoff nor I were properly prepped either! with some visas requirements still outstanding, not enough money to cover all our expenses and technical flaws on the Imp not least the loss of reverse gear within meters of my house.

A massive amount has to eb said for a positive attitude, because it was an unwavering belief that we would against all odds succeed, foolhardy perhaps but believing nonetheless.

Our get go to Coventry was one year ago so to commemorate the occasion Geoff and I took another of my Imps and drove a 250 Kilometre loop past Pretoria in the general direction of Coventry but then doubled back to visit another Imp Club member in the quaint little town of Cullinan, made famous by the discovery of the World’s largest ever diamond!

The Imp performed faultlessly and Geoff and I thoroughly enjoyed our day of reminiscing about the memorable JoLon trip. sneak preview……. we even mind-pencilled-in our next Imp adventure!!!)

And we wait!Edenvale-20140328-00249Cullinan Poser David Alderson Smith-20140328-00233Davin Alderson Smith, Geoff Biermann & Terence Tracey @ Cullinan-20140328-00245 (2)G & T en route to CullinanGeoff centre of attention


  1. wow a year ago,since the great adventure,and i still love all the follow up stories

    • Paul, i have been flat out working at the restaurant and during free time writing my book bout the trip, so not been blogging too much so did not note your comments. thanks for the support and it was real great meeting with ya in Manchester last may.


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