May 6th 2013

May 5, 2014

As the impatient clock tick-tocked its way into the first minutes of the final day of Imp 50, Geoff and I were driving hard towards the Calais ferry port in a bid to cross the Channel to complete our final journey’s leg. We drove hard and prayed even harder that we would make it. We had had more than our fair share of delays so we expected our luck to turn favourable. It did! 

Not only did we manage to board an England bound ferry but once the ship’s crew learned of our trip they offered us access to the staff quarters for us to have stunning hot showers (we not only really wanted these showers…. we NEEEDED them!).
we were also treated to the privacy of a very posh lounge that was closed to the public where we slept like the dead for the remainder of the short trip across the water to Dover.


sunset as we aimed our JoLon Imp towards the ferry port of Calais.

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