JoLon Imp Johannesburg Homecoming party.

September 8, 2014


To mark the triumphant return of the now famous JoLon Imp, a FULL CIRCLE CHARITY DINNER & AUCTION is being organised at the Randburg restaurant Scrooge Diner on Friday 26th September.

Funds raised on the evening through the auction of various items of interest will be handed over to Chris Venter of Scooter Addicts


who last year organised a trip similar to that of the Imp duo’s journey but Chris and friends were astride simple scooters!!! Sadly Chris contracted a deadly virus and although he narrowly escaped death he was bedridden as a result of the illness and has also suffered complete blindness.

So feel free go join us for the event and if you would care to donate an item or three of interest that we could auction for his benefit please contact me to arrange.

2014-08-18 13.14.59


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