Preparation for my Johannesburg to London trip has somewhat slowed.

The entire suspension was removed and duly sandblasted but I found out from Mike Hanna, a well known rally Imp builder in the UK, that the car I have decided to use is not as well built as the earlier models. It is a Chrysler 1972 Super Imp and on closer inspection it is evident that money was definitely spared when the parts were put together from day one. So I have decided to use the rear suspension set up of a much earlier model that seems much stronger.

Another surprise for me was the discovery that two of the brake drums were cracked with 4 star like cracks around the wheel stud holes. So these will have to be replaced also.

Johan my travel buddy has serviced the brake and clutch cylinders and has also almost completed the re=upholstery of the dashboard.

I will be painting the car the same colour scheme as my Racing Imp which is white with green panels. It will be predominantly white to counter in at least a tiny way the blazing sun we will encounter on our African leg of the journey.

A concern for us was the recent unhappiness in the streets of Egypt and the simmerings in some of the other African states we had planned to travel through. We definitely did not expect to find London burning! Hope the good old Bobbies have it well sorted by the time we arrive there in 2013.


  1. That’s right TT.
    Africa is the easy bit.London is burning.
    Well the roads are tough.
    Can you handle it ?

    • hey Paul,

      it was great meeting with you. hope Shay is nicely improving.

      did you change the spare wheel to the back of the Jag and di it make it better on the handling?

  2. Love the Jammy. Reminds me of my first car, also a Hillman Imp for which I had custom mags made by the then Tiger Speed Den in Mint Street Mayfair (now tiger Wheels and Tyre)…

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