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November 29, 2012

Ti sure feels great to make meaningful progress on a long and difficult project.

I am now close to wrapping up the front of the car in respect of my double petrol tank configuration and the front mounted rad.
The fully serviced steering rack is now in place and steering feels just perfect.
Thanks to Johan for the two brand new Fiesta seats for the driver and passenger. They feel super comfy and this is going to be tested to the extreme with 16, 000 kilos over a few short weeks. What remains to be done with the seats is the addition of a steel bracket for me to attach the seat pegs to and also to find some way of affixing the inertia seatbelts as the B pillar of the Imp is far too narrow and subsequently weak to support a seatbelt anchor. Not sure if anyone out there could give me good advice on how to overcome this challenge?


A new Imp is Born

November 15, 2012

Phil Webb and Terence Tracey next to Phils 1965 Hillman Imp

Tonight visited Phil Webb in Krugersdorp to see his 1965 Hillman Imp.

Phil in fact was the one who purchased the Bob Kelsey Imp W103 from Conrad Spamer of the DKW fame and he is hopeful that he can even retrieve the origional Minilite rims rom the Kelsey Imp.

great chatting with Phil and we hope soon to have a whole fleet of Imps to send me on my way next march.


Kyalami Marshals’ Association

November 13, 2012

A big thanks to the Kyalami Marshals for inviting me to present my trip to them last night. I look forward to giving you a full report when I return from my trip in June next year.


JoLon Imp it back on its wheels!

November 11, 2012

Tonight I managed to complete the suspension work (albeit temporary) on my JoLon Imp and now it is mobile so that I can take to have seats fitted and the bodywork strengthened and the fuel tanks rigged up for final installation.

Tomorrow night I have the honour of presenting the plans of my trip to the Kyalami Marshals general meeting.



November 8, 2012

been doing some good work on my JoLon Imp as well as trying to interest a few corporates to assist with some funds to cover the trip.

the back suspension is almost together and the gearbox is all nice and shiny ready to be added.

However, i am concerned about the drivers side half shaft! i turns but feels much stiffer than the passenger side one! they both have had new wheel bearings, innsers and outers! not sure if i should pull it apart and examine it again. alos i am not quite sure what i should be looking for if i did!!!!